Saturday, September 09, 2006

My first Heart No 1

Hello, this pretty heart is the very first one I have made... and I must say is is probably my favourite so far. I was very popular as well, so will have to make another one similar to it. The small crocheted motif has been made by a close friend of mine, many years ago. The little pink flowers are made from picot ribbon. This heart has been swapped with Sandie Wilmott in South Australia. Enjoy Sandie!!


Susan said...

I took an up-close look at it and can easily understand why it would be a favorite! Your work is beautiful.

kaethejean said...

Hi Faye, these hearts are very lovely...and all so interesting to look at. I am glad you have made it so that you get click and get a big picture to see all the details. What are the heart shaped things(tiny green) on the white upper part of the first heart? I think it;s the first heart.


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