Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Heart No. 5

My 5th heart... Now you may think I have posted the wrong one and placed my No. 1 heart up again.
No, I haven't made a mistake like that, but I have to say it is very similar to it. I loved it so much I had to do another. Don't worry thay are different...
I have sent this heart to Jo in New Zealand, and she swapped her underwater heart for it. I hope you like this heart Jo as much as I love yours. Thanks for swapping.

More Hearts Received

Oh!!! lucky me, I have one of Jo's underwater scene hearts. I have received this wonderful heart some time ago from Jo in New Zealand. I love underwater scenes, and Jo has captured some great detail in this one. She has also used some very interesting threads as well.
Thank you Jo for swapping with me, I hope we can swap again later.

This wonderfully embroideried heart, has been sent to me by Zandra. It has come all the way from Hot Springs, Arkansas.
The work on this lovely heart is so tiny and neat, I just love 'Southern Belle'.
Thank you Zandra for swapping hearts with me, hope you enjoy my heart as much as I love yours.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hearts Received

The second heart I received today was from Sabine Probst in Germany. I am so delighted with this lovely heart as well. It has some wonderful SRE on it as well as two bright red tatted butterflies. I'm so pleased to be doing these swaps, as it allows you to see other peoples wonderful work and techniques. Thank you Sabine for your lovely piece of work!!!

This heart is Belinda's and I have only just received it today. It really is exquisite. It has lots of her wonderful SRE roses on it, of which she is known for. She has also used lots of sequins with seed beads, but said, she hasn't used them before. Have a close look
at it and see if you can find the tiny green 'bear' amongst the
flowers. Thank you Bear for your lovely heart, it's wonderful.

I received this wonderful antique style heart from Sandie Willmott in South Australia, last Monday. It really is lovely, with an 'aged' silk print in the middle, surrounded by 'old' sequins and finished off with a piece of antique lace and seed beads. Thank you Sandie for a lovely piece of your work. Love it!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Heart No. 4

My 4th heart, has been requested by Zandra Pellet of Hot Springs Arkansas USA. This one has a hand made pansy and I have used small 'five petal' sequins on the right side. The green fibre under the pansy is called "Metal Coil", it's great to work with, as it can be moulded into any shape you want.

My first Heart No 1

Hello, this pretty heart is the very first one I have made... and I must say is is probably my favourite so far. I was very popular as well, so will have to make another one similar to it. The small crocheted motif has been made by a close friend of mine, many years ago. The little pink flowers are made from picot ribbon. This heart has been swapped with Sandie Wilmott in South Australia. Enjoy Sandie!!

Heart No. 3

Now for my third heart. This one is going all the way around the world, to Sabine Probst in Germany. Wow!! I have used some variegated silk threads and the pansy flowers have been purchased but are hand made just the same. I hope Sabine enjoys this one, when she receives it.

Heart No. 2

Here is my second heart, the lace on this heart is a piece of antique lace and I have hand dyed to match the fabrics I have used. The small roses I have put down the left side, are Iva's roses. This heart has gone to live with Belinda Sweeney who also lives in South Australia. So now, I have two hearts in the same state of Australia.